Case study:

How to Automate Product Data Sheets Delivery

Client's Challenge

The client’s sales partners have extremely diverse product data requirements. An enormous amount of effort and time was spent to fulfill the requirements and deliver product data to retailers. Sales & content departments wanted faster product information delivery. Content delivery to sales partners demands either manual product data sheet creation or using a dedicated content automation software. The client’s team is constantly innovating in optimizing their business processes, so the company decided to implement a new holistic solution.
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World’s Top Computer Vendor Automated Data Sheets Generation & Delivery

The project goal was to reduce manual work for the content department they had on creating product data sheets for the retailers. To resolve the challenge, Gepard had launched a dedicated platform that enabled easy unique data sheets set-up.

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  • How the manual work with data sheets could be significantly reduced
  • How to set up automated unique data sheets generation
  • How one of the world's top computer vendors resolved the challenge of generating & delivering data sheets to the sales channels