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Push standardized product content to retailers’ webshops by connecting with a Loadbee content provider with the help of Gepard’s connector.

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What Is Loadbee?

Loadbee is a global technology company that enables brand manufacturers to distribute product information crucial for purchasing decisions directly to all points of sale in real-time. Once a brand uploads content on the Loadbee platform, it displays on the product page of connected retailer sites while maintaining the same layout or customizations.

Loadbee gives you more control over how your content is displayed, allowing you to present it in selected webshops, reach customers during purchase, and possibly generate up to 25% more sales. It supports product information delivery to retailers in over 40 countries in various formats such as text, videos, images, 3D representations, datasheets, and AR applications.


  • Real-time product content updates;
  • Consistent branding across channels;
  • Lower marketing costs;
  • Quality product data standards;
  • Support for diverse content formats;
  • Optimized customer shopping experience;
  • Increased conversions;
  • Access to data insights.

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