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Anna Mrynska
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Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Cyril Dorogan Gepard PIM E-Commerce Consultant
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PIM Tool For Content Collection Automation: Revolutionizing eCommerce

5 min read
Published: October 4, 2023
Updated: November 2, 2023

Welcome to Gepard Features Hub, your fundamental source of knowledge about PIM tool potential for your eCommerce business. Our next article is about the Gepard Content Collection Tool – a modern solution that streamlines product data processes and ensures that your online venture stays ahead in the data-intensive era of eCommerce.

How does Gepard data collection automation work and how can you benefit from it? Let’s break it down.

What Is Gepard Content Collection Automation?

Gepard Content Collection tool is an automated eCommerce solution that allows retailers to effortlessly incorporate product content from manufacturers, brands, and data suppliers for optimized product data management.

How eCommerce Data Collection Automation Works

How does Gepard data collection automation work in practice? Let’s review each component of this process.

Step Description
#1: Data Source Identification The first step is to select the right data sources within your eCommerce ecosystem or outside this system: internal databases, product spreadsheets, eCommerce platforms, brands, or manufacturers’ websites, content providers, and more.
#2: Data Extraction Then the product data from the selected content sources will be automatically extracted and structured to be placed into the Gepard Product Information Management system. Also, you can set up the regularity of scheduled data updates.
#3: Data Transformation Data transformation, including cleansing and standardization, is the next stage. The product information, pulled from different sources, comes in various formats and structures. Gepard PIM tool algorithms will map and transform the extracted data to the standardized format, to guarantee information consistency.
#4: Data Enrichment This step includes integrating with third-party data suppliers (the Gepard system will connect with product content providers, brands, eCommerce platforms, and other available integrations) and getting the most extensive information about your products.
#5: Data Validation After the enrichment stage, the data validation tool will check the information for inaccurately completed or missing fields (e.g. product certificates, size, or any other details that could be missed) and remove any data entry duplicates.
#6: Categorization and Taxonomy With the Gepard taxonomy module, your products will be automatically sorted into relevant categories, based on their attributes. Then the products will be systematically placed within the required hierarchical structure. You can also activate multiple taxonomies support if you have different product information endpoints with various data models.
#7: Localization With the Gepard data collection solution, the product data from different sources will be automatically adjusted to your customers’ local languages and market preferences. It includes currency and pricing adjustment, date, measurement, size conversion, and regulatory compliance (to align with local regulations and standards).

Critical Features Of Gepard Content Collection Automation Solution

What are the principal characteristics of the Gepard PIM tool that make it a must-have solution for eCommerce? Let’s review the basics.

  • Receiving data from suppliers

With Gepard, you easily gather product content from suppliers using API and have it stored in a centralized PIM system. Gepard solution has established integrations with various eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, content providers, and retailers, which allows you to automatically connect with numerous data suppliers and collect product data in various data formats and bulk. With automated data mapping, the supplier data fields are matched with the corresponding ones within the PIM system: which means that the product data will be standardized and organized cohesively. It reduces the tedious manual data-related work and leaves you more time for creative and strategic tasks.

  • Enriching & validating your data

Thanks to Gepard’s integration with the top content providers and data pools, validated product descriptions can be easily enriched, and you will get the latest versions of product descriptions, after each product update.

After automated content collection, PIM solution validation techniques automatically check content from suppliers. The system performs field type and input validation, attributes range check, list of values check, required fields and attributes validation, and product data import check. You’ll gate auto-generated data validation reports ensuring that no inaccurate data will go to your partners. Benefit from enriched, accurate, and duplicate-free product information that will significantly boost your customer experience, sales, and reputation.

  • Automating data transformation

With this feature, you can set up a rule-based transformation and automatically convert product information from suppliers into the necessary format. Gepard’s AI-driven solution automatically categorizes and classifies the new product data. PIM system also provides tools to standardize data, ensuring its consistency: you can keep track of important and relevant product information, reduce the workload of your employees, and keep a high level of product content quality.

Any images, videos, or other visual data can also be automatically optimized and formatted, based on your online store specifications, which will guarantee a unique visual experience for your customers. As a bonus, you can localize your product descriptions depending on the location and language preferences of your customers: get automated language translations, adjust currency and prices, local market regulations, and localized SEO optimization.

  • Pushing product data to the webshop

With the advanced syndication feature and integration capabilities, offered by Gepard, you can seamlessly push refined product information to your online store. You can also set trigger data pushes based on certain conditions you set.

Consider an option of quality and compliance checks: run pre-push data checks to ensure that product data adheres to your quality standards and regulations. With Gepard, you get automated monitoring of your posted product content and track how it performs online. You get full control of your product data and get automated feedback in case of any data discrepancies.

Examples Of eCommerce Data Collection Automation

Now it’s time to get to practice: let’s examine how the Gepard PIM tool helped it’s some eCommerce leaders automate their product content collection.

Migros: Automated Content Updated Within 500 ms

Migros, Switzerland’s largest leading retailer, used the Gepard data collection tool to optimize its content management and expand its eCommerce presence. The retailer’s webshop was getting product descriptions from Icecat and Xplace content providers, yet there were no automated product updates from these data suppliers.

Also, the product data structure of Migros is different from the ones of its data suppliers, which was another challenge, as adjusting the product data to the specific Migros taxonomy could be very time-consuming if done manually. Another question was to get multi-language support, considering that the retailer’s customers speak different languages.

With the Gepard Content Collection tool, the challenge was solved: after sending an inquiry to Gepard, Migros was getting updated product descriptions from content providers directly pushed into their PIM system in less than 500 ms. Also, the Gepard solution allowed data flow to Migros online shop in German, French, and Italian language, which solved the retailer’s multi-language challenge.

HP: Resolving the Challenge of Product Data Transformation

Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of the leading technology companies, spent thousands of hours adjusting their product descriptions (150-300 data fields with A+ content) to Amazon, which is their official distributor. The challenge was to find a solution that would carry out the HP product content to the Amazon marketplace automatically and handle data transformation along the way.

Gepard PIM tool, with its automated content collection, was used as a middleware that, upon HP’s request, collected enhanced product data from the Icecat content provider, and transformed it to the applicable data format and structure for the Amazon marketplaces. As a result, HP no longer collects enriched product data automatically but has it already been collected, transformed, and pushed to the end-points, with the help of the Gepard solution.

Content Collection Automation FAQs

What is product data in eCommerce?

eCommerce product information refers to the complete data about all products available in certain online stores, which covers product name, description, price, dimensions, technical specifications, availability, buyers’ reviews, and visual data (images, videos, and more).

How is eCommerce data collected?

eCommerce data collection can be done in many ways: manually, with the help of web scraping, API connections, or third-party services (e.g. content collection tools, data enrichment services, PIM tools, and more). Automated tools have proved to be the most effective for eCommerce data collection.

What is product data analytics?

Product information analytics is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting specific product information data such as sales data, buyers’ feedback, product usage data, competitors’ information, and much more. This could be performed with the help of data analytics platforms, programming languages (e.g. Python), customer feedback and survey instruments, or product information management systems with the data analytics feature.

PIM Tool for Streamlined Product Data Collection

Do you still need help with content collection and need more efficient product data management? It could be the right time to choose the data collection automation tool that will boost your eCommerce business with top-drawer content.

Fill in the contact form and our eCommerce expert will provide you with a comprehensive consultation about the Gepard content collection tool.

Anna Mrynska
Written by Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Seasoned and dedicated expert with over 8 years of experience in IT across business domains. Has a proven track record of understanding and translating customer ideas and requirements into actionable project plans.

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