Gepard Product


Management Software

All Content Centralized and Structured at a Single Place

Simplify your work with product data

Gepard product information management workflow is simple and clear


Create your single source of truth for product data. Keep it standardized and structured. Share content easily with all departments.


Collaborate to improve and enrich your product content in a simple workflow. Add your descriptions, images, rich media, and translations.


Seamlessly push product data to marketplaces, Ecommerce platforms, and other sales channels. Adapt your product data to the sales channels’ requirements automatically.

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Make the content creation more productive and spend time on things that matter. Say “No” to chaos with spreadsheets and copypasting.

Gepard Product Information Management Benefits

Single source of truth

Keep all data in one place. Save resources on repetitive tasks.

Seamless updates

Benefit from immediate product data updates from PIM to your online channels.

Less manual work

Collaborate with your team efficiently. Reduce excessive communication.

Quick connection to new channels

Connect new channels faster to accelerate your sales.

End-to-end content service

Get your PIM integrated with your software ecosystem at minimal efforts from your side.

Multilingual interface and data storage

Support your international business units with a product information management tool that speaks their language.




We implement the product information management best practices to benefit our clients with a stable solution, dedicated experts, and end-to-end product information management services.

While working with Gepard, you can rely on us with all the product data routine, raise your productivity by automating product content flows, and concentrate on your performance.

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