Gepard PIM Has Launched An EPREL Connector

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Since 1 March 2021, the new EU Energy Labelling regulations have come into force, and it is a legal requirement for manufacturers to upload their product information into the EPREL database before selling it on the market. To simplify the registration process, Gepard has built a connector with the EPREL database and enabled automated data import for products in bulk with the help of advanced import & data mapping algorithms. 

“Building the Gepard Connector to EPREL is definitely one of the focus points for us in this quarter given that we are perfectly aware of the complexities on the way to smooth data integration with a relatively new data pool. Many brands struggled with uploading their product data to the EPREL database and we want to be helpful in entering the market on the appropriate terms on the way to improving energy efficiency and sustainable consumption,” says Sergey Shvets, Founder & CEO at Gepard. “To implement this connector, we applied Domain Interoperability Bus (DOMIBUS) and AS4 Protocol to ensure the 100%-secured data exchange,” comments Vadym Stepanov, Technical Lead at Gepard. 

European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL) has been set up under EU Regulation 2017/1369 to provide consumers with essential energy efficiency information. With EPREL, retailers can check if the supplier’s products are verified to be sold in the EU and be sure that the products they sell have eco-design, follow the energy labeling regulations, and keep up with high-quality standards.

Automated Data Import to EPREL powered by Gepard connector now works as follows: 

→ Supplier uses a Gepard connector to upload product models and attachments in bulk.

→ Product models are auto-transformed to XML in the required format by the EPREL structure.

→ ZIP archive is auto-created and pushed to EPREL.

→ EPREL processes files and creates models. 

EPREL Connector

Using this system-to-system approach allows manufacturers to submit all their products simultaneously in high quality and avoid time-consuming attempts to manually adjust product data for EPREL’s taxonomy. 

About Gepard: Gepard is a PIM solution that enables brands to freely exchange product marketing content and helps retailers to onboard and adapt their content in an effective and automated way. With more than 15 years of expertise, the Gepard team of 150 highly experienced developers has been working on product information management solutions for clients around the world. 

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