Luminus Chooses Gepard To Enable Data Delivery to EPREL Database

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Gepard, an independent PIM platform, today announced its cooperation with Luminus, the worldwide solid-state lighting solutions vendor.

Founded and originated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), over the years, Luminus developed into a key market player in the lighting industry. The company was among the pioneers in energy-efficient LED projection engineering. Luminus established a mission to replace CDM, halogen, and other traditional technologies with their innovative LED technologies. Now the company offers a complete lighting ecosystem in various fields: retail, education, office & commercial environments, hospitality, and residential areas. 

Luminus is constantly extending its portfolio of long-life LED solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications by offering illumination and speciality LEDs for working and living. The company follows ecological principles, and it’s critical for them to keep up with the energy efficiency and sustainable consumption regulations of the EU. 

Since the European Union imposed new Energy Labelling regulations (EPREL) of the lighting products, Luminus is carefully following updated energy labelling and ecodesign requirements. Gepard shall support data exchange to EPREL for the seamless automation of product data flows for Luminus. The manufacturer will be enabled to easily integrate its information into the EPREL data pool. With the automated data delivery processes, Luminus will optimize business processes and focus on innovations and design.

Mark Pugh, Executive Vice President of Luminus: “Since Luminus offers a broad range of COB products with thousands of part numbers, we are excited to support our European customers by working with Gepard to upload our database of light source characteristics into the EPREL system quickly and accurately.” 

“The key point for us in our work is to maintain a high level of data availability and automation in today's business environment.”,  comments Sergey Shvets, Founder & CEO at Gepard.

About Gepard

Gepard is a PIM platform that brings innovative automation solutions into product information management of eCommerce businesses. Gepard PIM helps companies to improve operational efficiency by 75%, and 1B+ monthly product updates are pushed automatically to multiple sales platforms. With Gepard, businesses can keep all their rich data in a single place, easily cooperate with team members and fastly connect to the new eCommerce platforms. Gepard’s mission is to automate all product content flows in eCommerce and reduce routine work with marketing content.

About Luminus

For almost twenty years Luminus has been addressing and solving the most challenging problems of the community of light. The company’s specialists work closely with agricultural, urban & architectural, healthcare, industrial, automotive, and entertainment industries. Luminus has been constantly refining its lighting technologies and introducing innovative products to replace conventional and non-efficient lighting processes in various fields.


EPREL is a European Product Database for Energy Labelling. According to EU laws, the manufacturers have to upload their product data into the EPREL data pool before selling it on the market. Product information in the EPREL database is available to the public and provides the consumers, retailers, and sales partners with up-to-date information about the product's energy label and eco-design. The enforced energy labelling regulations are the key element of nowadays environmental sustainability goals. You may find more info about EPREL here.

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