Why You Should Care About Product Content Syndication

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Have you ever tried expanding your presence on the global market and selling on various channels? If yes, then you must know each retailer has its own product data and format requirements, and frequently, the opportunity to grow turns into a challenging time-consuming process. If you spend numerous hours of manual work trying to adapt your product data to a seller's specifications, the time has come to discover alternative ways to push product content to online stores automatically.

What is Product Content Syndication (PCS)?

Product Content Syndication enables the automated distribution of product data feeds across multiple eCommerce sales platforms and marketplaces, while complying with each of their different requirements. In other words, product data syndication stands for product data synchronization across various sales portals and channels. 


Why is Rich Product Content important? 

As an online customer can’t touch, smell, or experience a product, it is the retailers’ job to convey this information in product content. Rich syndicated product content makes a buyer imagine and dream of using a product, such as: 

  • Comprehensive product info (product names, prices, dimensions, descriptions, functions, competitive advantage).3
  • Engaging visuals (high-quality pictures made from different angles, with a possibility to zoom in; 360-degree rotation images; close-ups; videos, any supporting graphics/infographics).
  • Accurate relevant product data that could be extracted from a CSP, a Content Service Provider.

Do not underestimate some retail challenges

It’s important for you to make sure you comply with certain requirements.

  • Conformity with different sales channels’ formats and other specific details.
  • Changes and updates with multiple marketplaces’ own rules.

Product Content Syndication benefits

  • Content syndication adapts all the required information to your needs automatically.
  • Product information is transformed from multiple sources.
  • Product data is always accurate and updated.
  • The team can concentrate on solving tasks requiring creativity, rather than filling in spreadsheets.
  • No need for coding from the brand’s side.
  • Brand consistency and image is retained.
  • Faster time-to-market enabled. 
  • Sales revenue increased.
  • Costs for possible mistakes are eliminated.

See how Gepard has become the European PCS leader 


What are the benefits for product content syndication

Gepard is a team of 150 highly experienced developers and marketers providing PCS services to the major eCommerce players in the EMEA market for over 15 years. Each month 120+ million products are pushed automatically to various retail channels thanks to the Gepard Product Content Syndication platform. 

If you want to know why companies like Amazon, GS1, HP, Dell, Rakuten, Elkjop, Lazada have chosen to work with Gepard, click on the image below to speak with our prominent PCS  experts!


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