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Boost your product experience and marketing efforts, build partnerships and set up new eCommerce connections through API integration.

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Gepard PIM - API Connection Possibilities

  • Import your product information to Gepard PIM software in any format;
  • Seamlessly connect to any data suppliers using API;
  • Automatically collect product content from manufacturers and brands;
  • Syndicate your product content to marketplaces, retailers, and eCommerce platforms.

What Is API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a go-between software that helps two applications or systems communicate with each other. API enables this communication through a set of programming instructions that are the intermediary between two systems. The “talk” between applications is done with the help of requests that are sent through the API interface. The client sends a request, then API receives it, converts it into an understandable format, and forwards it to another application that acts as a data provider. Then, in the same way, the “answer” is sent back to the client through the API interface.

The main types of APIs, private, partner, and external (public), are used inside the organization, within the network of partners, and outside of a company, respectively. APIs bring value to any industry where there’s a need to provide “a bridge” between systems and receive information. With the help of these intermediaries, many internal services and applications become available to a wider audience: data suppliers, customers, partners, or even publicly.

API Benefits

  • API-driven development helps to leverage advantages of other applications;
  • Enhances connectivity and communication within organization;
  • More opportunities to supercharge innovative technologies;
  • Creating more effective ways of communicating with customers;
  • Empowering teams to boost their marketing efforts;
  • Collecting valuable data for further analytics;
  • Introduce your functionalities via API to monetize them;
  • Expanding your eCommerce partnerships and collaborations.

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