Leverage the Power of Gepard: AI-Enabled PIM & End-To-End Product Data Syndication Solution

At Gepard, we understand the intricacies of PIM and product data syndication. With our PIM platform, we simplify the complex, streamlining your product information processes for maximum efficiency.

How Gepard PIM Works

Centralized Data Repository

Gather all your product data in one place, ensuring consistency and easy access

Advanced Data Transformation

Convert your product data into any format, ready for any channel or platform

Seamless Product Syndication

Distribute your product data to a myriad of channels with a single click, from eCommerce platforms to marketplaces and beyond

Gepard PIM Core Features

Smart Product Data Syndication

Seamlessly connect with multiple marketplaces. With Gepard PIM, your product information dynamically adjusts to the evolving requirements of sales channels, ensuring you’re always in sync

AI-Enabled Product Data Mapping

Forge a standout customer experience strategy. Tailor your product content to each retailer’s unique requirements and automate SKU distribution, all backed by our cutting-edge AI

Advanced Taxonomy Management Approach

Experience a new level of taxonomy management. Gepard PIM offers enhanced multi-taxonomy management features, raising the bar for user experience and amplifying customer capabilities

Gepard PIM: Complementing & Elevating eCommerce Ecosystems

Whether integrated into an existing eCommerce structure or employed as a stand-alone solution, Gepard PIM & Product data syndication addresses unique business needs, orchestrating product data with precision. Enhance your eCommerce capabilities, and achieve seamless product data management with Gepard.
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Harness the Power of Gepard's Advanced AI Capabilities

Elevate your product data management with Gepard's AI-enhanced features:
Immediately auto-generated reports help you to see the reason for the validation error.
Affected products are grouped, placed in a separate container, and saved in the PIM system for improvement.
Experience unparalleled precision and consistency in your data syndication with Gepard's AI capabilities.

Why Partner with Gepard?

White-label PIM Solution

Offer Gepard’s robust PIM under your brand name, enhancing your service portfolio

Integration Partnership 

Collaborate with us to integrate Gepard PIM into existing infrastructures, delivering unparalleled value to your clients

Reseller Opportunities

Extend Gepard’s solutions independently, capitalizing on our proven platform to drive your growth

Values: We Deliver What We Promise

Specialized Product Data Management

While many systems manage data across various domains, Gepard PIM, being specialized in product information, offers features tailored for intricate product data needs

Ease of Use for Non-Tech Users

Gepard PIM boasts an intuitive interface, allowing non-technical users to automate PIM processes effortlessly

Data Syndication

Harness Gepard PIM’s capabilities to syndicate product data to numerous marketplaces or eCommerce platforms, invaluable for businesses aiming to bolster their online presence

Advanced Data Enrichment

Streamline the editing of content from third-party providers, enhance data push speed, and enable customization for diverse channels

Customization and Flexibility

Benefit from Gepard PIM’s custom workflows, fields, and other bespoke features that may be challenging to implement in broader platforms.

About Gepard. 
How Did 
Everything Start?

Tracing our legacy from 2005 to today, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries, innovating and evolving to meet the dynamic needs of product data management.


First product data management
project at Bintime company.


Building expertise in eCommerce product content optimization.


Gepard evolved into a separate product content platform.


Product data mappings 
& delivery major upgrade.


Gepard template builder launched + Multitenancy.


Leveraging AI & Enabling advanced enrichment management.


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