How To Connect To WooCommerce
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

WooCommerce Connector: Multichannel Integrations & Top Plugins For Your Business

Learn what a WooCommerce connector does. Find out the plugins to use for integrating your eBay and Amazon stores with this plugin

Visual Content For Retailers
7 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Importance of Visual Content: Ultimate Guide for Retailers

Discover the types of visual content online retailers should use and learn how Gepard can enrich their product information.

9 min read
Product Information Management

PIM vs. DAM: How To Make The Right Choice

Read about PIM and DAM systems, their main features, benefits and drawbacks, and find out which system fits the most for your business goals.

What Is Applia PI Standard?
5 min read
Product Data Syndication

The PI Standard: An Essential For Home Appliance Manufacturers

PI Standard is a PI-Certified standard initiated by Applia, formed by European home appliance manufacturers to set up proper communication of brand values.

How To Optimize Your Google Shopping Feeds
6 min read
Retail Best Practices

How To Automate Your Business: Google Shopping Feed Best Practices

Learn how to simplify your Google shopping feed creation and increase your sales. Best practices to upgrade your Google product feed now.


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How To Work With Icecat Content Provider
5 min read
Success Stories

Icecat & Gepard: Rich Product Content For Your Business

Read about Icecat & Gepard cooperation and learn how to enhance your business with the help of rich product content.

Mistakes In Starting A B2B eCommerce Platform
7 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Starting A B2B ECommerce Platform: TOP 4 Mistakes

Main Mistakes in Starting B2B eCommerce PlatformMeta description: Avoiding deep research, no connectors, and more. Read our new article and learn how to avoid four main mistakes in starting b2b eCommerce Platform.

Dutch eCommerce Marketplaces
7 min read
eCommerce Strategy State Of The Art Dutch eCommerce Marketplace

Discover Dutch eCommerce marketplaces and learn how Gepard can improve your business performance on these online sales platforms.

How To Integrate With Amazon Seller Central
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Amazon Seller Central: The Smooth Integration With The Platform

Learn about main features and benefits of Amazon Seller Central and discover how to integrate with this leading marketplace.

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