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Optimize your product content publishing and save time by adopting an international classification standard with the help of Gepard integration.

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Gepard PIM - ETIM Connection Capabilities

  • Access to up-to-date ETIM classification system classes and their features;
  • Comply with ETIM classification standards to maintain and distribute product data across your partners;
  • Transform your product data into ETIM standard or vice versa.

What Is ETIM?

ETIM, which stands for European Technical Information Model, is an international standard for structuring product information in the industrial sector, especially for technical products. It simplifies the exchange of product information from manufacturers to wholesalers by providing a uniform model for listing product characteristics.

ETIM allows you to improve data management and minimize product data errors or ambiguities which may be present when selling or buying technical products from partners across regions. The categories used in ETIM to classify a product include: product groups, product classes, synonyms (keywords), features, values, and units.

ETIM Classification

  • Uniformity in data entry and exchange;
  • Improved communication flow among stakeholders;
  • Reduced product data errors;
  • Faster product data publishing;
  • Easy compliance with new regulations;
  • More up-to-date information;
  • Reusable template;
  • Multilingual support.

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Automate product data exchange in ETIM standard to online shops and explore the benefits of Gepard PIM.

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