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What Is GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is an interconnected network of data pools developed by GS1 for product data exchange between trading partners in local and international markets. It operates on a publish-subscribe model where brands register their product information to one pool from which they share information to subscribed retailers.

GDSN serves as a powerful solution that enables global manufacturers and retailers to share or access accurate information in real-time across sales channels and get new products to the market faster. The components of the GDSN that facilitate information sharing include data source, source data pool, GS1 global registry, recipient data pool, and data recipient.

GDSN Benefits

  • High-quality product data;
  • Automated data update across channels;
  • Enhanced product information tracking;
  • Simplified data management;
  • Minimized data errors;
  • Enhanced on-shelf availability;
  • Compliance with data standards;
  • Reduced product-data-related issues in sales.

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