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Bound up with a variety of eCommerce solutions and utilize the benefits of being integrated with any platform that you need. Gepard connectors support any-to-any connections configuration and allow you to seamlessly connect to marketplaces, retailers, content providers, or other services in a short time.

Integrate with Amazon

Try Gepard PIM eCommerce integration solution and seamlessly connect your business to Amazon Marketplace.


Connect to Google Shopping

Exploit the benefits of Gepard PIM eCommerce integrations and easily connect to Google Shopping platform.


Integrate with

Manage your sales effectively on the top-notch Dutch marketplace: synchronize already adjusted product data to requirements with Gepard PIM.


Icecat connections

Easily integrate with the Icecat content service provider and get access to the extensive product database.

Content Providers

Integrate with Tradeplace

Get 24/7 access to the product data from multiple brands while working with product content from Tradeplace.

Content Providers

Connect to EPREL Database

Automate your product information input to EPREL database, submit products in-bulk and expand your market presence to European market.

Industry Standards

Connect to GDSN by GS1

Connect to GDSN: get your product data automatically updated across various eCommerce channels and reduce data errors.

Industry Standards

Integrate with Shopify

Synchronize your Shopify-based webshop data with any eCommerce application and reduce manual work with product content management.

eCommerce Platforms

Synchronize Magento with a PIM system

Synchronize your webshop on Magento with PIM system to optimize product information storage and management processes.

eCommerce Platforms

Integrate with Algolia

Try Gepard PIM integration solution and connect your eCommerce business to Algolia easily

eCommerce Platforms


Domibus is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for expensive proprietary messaging software and licenses.

Industry Standards

What Is API?

Enhance your eCommerce connectivity and integrate with more sales channels and platforms with the help of API.


Sell On Rakuten

Use the Gepard PIM connector to integrate with Rakuten - the world’s leading marketplace, and use the benefits of the platform to expand your customer base.


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