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What Is is a large online store serving the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg since 1999 when it was founded. Additionally, the eCommerce company offers a marketplace where other online retailers can sell both new and second-hand products. The website has over 11 million active users, 41,000 resellers, and over 23 million items.

The platform offers merchants strong API solutions that allow managing products, process orders, cancelations, returns, and stock keeping. The platform provides an intuitive interface for handling internal logistical procedures. On top of that, has an easy-to-use and set up Product Content API tool that simplifies the product data management process. Another service retailers have access to is Offers API. It untangles the complex procedure of adjusting product prices and enhances conversion rates. Benefits

  • Sophisticated product recommendation engine;
  • Easy product management tools;
  • Thought-out logistics;
  • AI chatbots and voice technologies;
  • Dynamic mobile app;
  • Exceptional fulfillment services;
  • Highly compatible with external sales system;
  • Strong affiliate program.

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