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PIM is a cutting-edge eCommerce solution that serves as a unified product content database allowing users to easily manage product-related information, enrich, and in a few clicks distribute it to the various sales channels in an already adjusted data structure.

Product Information Management

PIM product information management is quite useful for eCommerce businesses as it:

  • Solves product data-related problems;
  • Saves you from manual work;
  • Improves product time-to-market;
  • Reduces costs of data management;
  • Enriches the customer experience;
  • Assists in increasing sales & ROI.

Gepard Value-Add
Or How PIM Works

Gepard product information management workflow is simple and clear.


Use product information management software to create a single source of truth for product data: structured and standardized.


Seamlessly improve and enrich your product data by connecting your PIM tool with content providers or other data sources. Easily update product content in a smooth workflow.


Adapt all your product information to retailers’ requirements using intelligent data mapping algorithms and keep it up-to-date in a PIM system.


Let eCommerce PIM software flawlessly push your product data to multiple marketplaces. Obtain a competitive advantage using PIM technology to deliver your data faster.

Who Are PIM Users?

Nowadays, PIM solutions gain immense popularity, however, it still can not be so clear who uses product information management system. Look through a few most frequent scenarios of PIM usage below.
Who Use PIM system

Kevin, Product Information Manager at Retail Company uses PIM to:

  • Gather product content from all manufacturers;
  • Enrich it and adopts the particular location specifics;
  • Validate the data to ensure error-free product details;
  • Enable automated stock & pricing details update;
  • Provide an excellent customer experience.
Anna PIM System User

Anna, Head of eCommerce at Brand uses PIM to:


  • Keep all product data in a single database;
  • Work on product content together with her team;
  • Tailor the product content for different retailers;
  • Automatically send adjusted product data to retailers;
  • Tracks product completeness per retailer.
Why To Use PIM

Tom, Head of IT Department at Brand/Retail Company uses PIM to:

  • Integrate the company’s ecosystem with external applications;
  • Reduce infrastructure costs;
  • Onboard SaaS solution;
  • Focus on the project’s ongoing growth;
  • Provide non-technical users with an easy-to-use interface.

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Gepard PIM Benefits

PIM Benefit

Single Source Of Truth

Product information management system helps you to centralize and structure all your content in a single place. Communication between departments is streamlined and aligned.

PIM Benefit

Faster Time-to-market

With immediate product content updates and fast connection to new channels, you speed up time-to-market, gain successful customer experience management, and outperform the competition.

PIM Benefit

Reduces Manual Work

Gepard automates major data-related processes and releases you from copy-pasting or the tedious management of product information spreadsheets.

PIM Benefit

Brings eCommerce Excellence

  • Increasing omnichannel presence;
  • Fastest-growing ROI;
  • Improving product data quality;
  • Setting seamless product data syndication.

Solution Overview

Unleash The Full Potential Of Gepard PIM Solution

Get rid of time-consuming product data sheets editing, forget about constant delays with product launches, and increase ROI.

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