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Align your product information with international standards and expand your product exposure through a standardization model using the Gepard Integration.

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Gepard PIM - PI-Standard Connection Capabilities

  • Get access to the recent product data of PI-certified companies;
  • Adjust your product information to PI-standard by Applia, to share your product content across sales channels;
  • Check the product data compliance with the latest European Energy Labelling information standards;
  • Compare different products of the home appliance industry in no time.

What Is PI-Standard By Applia?

PI-Standard by Applia provides manufacturers with a uniform standard for transmitting product information electronically while maintaining considerable market differentiation. It is developed for European manufacturers who produce home appliances and serves as a common language for PI-certified companies to share information on 118 product groups.

The PI-Standard offers you a reliable structure to manage listings and access effective, updated information for electronic data fields, ERP systems, print catalogs, and websites. The data available in PI-Standard by Applia include marketing information, product feature, technical information, and some of the recent European Energy Label information for product groups in the home appliance industry.

PI-Standard Benefits

  • Harmonized product information with European standards;
  • Brand differentiation;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Information structure customization;
  • Fast product comparison;
  • Easy adjustment to data processing innovation;
  • More accurate product data;
  • Improved access to product content.

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Adjust your product data to PI-Standard by Applia and manage information automatically with the Gepard PIM system.

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