Data Validation – Product Content Compliance For Your Business

Avoid costly data errors, improve product information management flow, and monitor the data quality both on your webshop or sales channels websites.

What Is Data Validation?

Gepard’s data validation techniques ensure your data out are clean and consistent. The powerful tool performs validation of data and generates reports on missing or improperly completed fields.

Advantages Of Data Validation

Decrease Manual Work

Decrease Manual Work By 75%

Automated data validation tools minimize routine data-related manual work and ensure an efficient data check process.

Send Error-Free Data To Retailer

Send Error-Free Data To Retailer

With high-end data validation testing, you get flawless product content delivered to retail platforms and reduced time-to-market.

Increase ROI Per Channel

Increase ROI Per Channel

Understand which channels generate the highest ROI and maximize your sales with the help of actionable data.

Data Validation Types

Field Type
& Input Validation

Verifies that the data entered in a field meets the specified standards, and prevents data import errors, such as “invalid format”.

Required Fields & Attributes Validation

An advanced reporting system generates a report if the necessary field type is missing. You can choose to upload feed without invalid items or stop upload at all.

Attributes Range Check

It checks the value of an attribute to see if it is within a certain range.

List of Values Check

A list of values is a feature validation type that identifies a feature with the list of allowed values.

Product Data Import Validation (Brand+MPN)

Helps to avoid product duplicate creation and links the incoming data to the relevant already existing product.

What We Check


"Required" field




Custom fields

How We Act
When Something Goes Wrong

If data validation fails, we will ensure that you will not send
inaccurate data to your partner.


Immediately auto-generated reports help you to see the reason for the validation error.


Affected products are grouped, placed in a separate container, and saved in the PIM system for improvement.


Particular products that failed validation can be easily enriched and sent to re-validation.

Minimize Data Errors, Maximize Sales

With Gepard PIM, you can avoid costly product data errors and enjoy the benefits of a seamless automated data validation process.

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