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Gepard, Icecat & Amazon: How We Launched AFS Connector


Amazon sellers often meet content-related challenges, like the transformation of product data according to marketplace specifications; on-time application of product data adjustments; and combining product feed from different data sources (e.g. catalog provider + vendor’s feed). Now, as Amazon launched an AFS (Amazon Feed Specification) program, it’s becoming even more crucial for a successful business to comply with its rules. AFS gives vendors an opportunity to unify formats and leave behind the manual templates and the discomforts of working with Amazon Vendor Central. BUT at the same time, it becomes important for vendors to automate all manual data entry, keep a product base updated within an AFS monthly taxonomy updates, and transform millions of product descriptions on time.

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Gepard Syndicator In Amazon Feed Specification Program

By implementing a Gepard Syndicator within an AFS SaaS project, vendors speed up product data transportation and transformation, applying all necessary product feed changes automatically on a regular basis. Vendors enhanced product feed overall quality, having an opportunity to have their own data being merged with a CSPs (Catalog Service Provider) one.
Amazon AFS case study

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  • About solutions for vendors trying to comply with a new regularly updated Amazon Feed Specifications;
  • How Gepard and Icecat teams automated a product mapping within an AFS project;
  • How Gepard automated a product feed syndication and its regular updates;
  • The results of a Gepard, Icecat, and Amazon vendors cooperation.
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