Case study:

Automating Product Data Flow to Lazada for HP Distributors

HP Sellers' Challenge

HP Asia Pacific is actively expanding on South-Eastern Asia Market. A company needs professional help to settle a regular product data update and delivery on Lazada online shop, a Southeastern Asian e-commerce marketplace. To deliver data to all 6 locations, as well as separately to each seller, HP needs a Gepard Content Syndicator. Why? The descriptions of HP products must conform to Lazada's data taxonomy and, moreover, HP instantly needs to react on every change on Lazada Open Platform. How to do it?
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To deliver data to all 6 locations (Lazada Indonesia, Lazada in Malaysia, Lazada Philippines, Lazada Singapore, Thai, and LazadaVietnam), as well as separately to each seller, HP implemented a Gepard Content Syndicator. It speeded up product data transportation and transformation, applying all necessary product feed changes automatically on a regular basis.

Download this free copy and learn:

  • The way Gepard and Icecat matched the taxonomy of HP’s content provider to Lazada’s;
  • How Gepard adapted and delivered product data to different Lazada seller accounts, as well as to different locations;
  • How Gepard set an automatic data push to seller’s accounts on Lazada Open Platform.