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Gepard PIM is an established product catalog management system for collecting, updating, and publishing product content. It manages comprehensive product data, including core and enhanced content, rich media, and commerce information.

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Unlock The Module’s Features

The module is designed to store product data from different sources in the relevant product collections and to render the product data for processing – content enrichment and feed generation. It provides a solution for handling multiple taxonomies, where a product may have several taxonomies, each applicable to a particular marketplace or locale. In the UI, the user can override the automatic process and if required edit the product description, fill in attribute values, if they are unavailable from content providers, upload images, and set the main image for the product.

Products Creation & Update Made Easy

How to create products in Gepard PIM

Gepard PIM system is a core for accurate, consistent, structured, and unified product data. We will tailor the product content to marketplaces’/retailers’ varying requirements, with the content quickly updated to keep it up with changes in requirements or to meet your needs.

Leverage a user-friendly UI to manually edit product descriptions, add attribute values, in case they are unavailable from content providers, upload, and set the priority of images. The catalog management software supports multiple taxonomies to have a required and applicable product description ready for every marketplace and locale.

Product Content Localization Opportunities

What is content localization in Gepard PIM

Publish your product content configured and localized for local audiences. Gepard PIM solution provides eCommerce catalog management services to automatically handle localization of essential product information, by retrieving the required data from the reliable data catalogs of brands and content providers, transforming the data to your store’s requirements and delivering the content to the endpoint.

With multilingual attribute capabilities and localized content, retailers will keep up with regional data requirements and help shoppers make informed purchases while manufacturers can enter new markets and broaden their customers list.

Displaying Accurate Price & Stock Information

How to manage pricing in Gepard PIM

Keep your product prices and stock availability accurate and up-to-date. Gepard PIM system will manage your product content eCommerce block. The product catalog management system will process your suppliers’ prices to have recommended retail prices accurately and timely tagged to your products.

With the stock availability timely updated, you will not let your buyers down by offering products that are out of stock. Gepard PIM software commerce block allows adding as many values as requested by the user: VAT, stock, price, and currency to name a few.

Variants Support

How to manage product variants in Gepard PIM

Display on your digital shelf the full range of product variations. In addition to parent products, Gepard PIM solution covers product catalog management services for publishing product variations.

A product variation is a modification of its parent product, with some of the variation’s properties or values differing from those of the parent product. Gepard PIM catalog management software identifies in the data source a parent product and its variations and merges them to have the full product range available on your digital shelf.

Digital Asset Management

How to manage digital assets in Gepard PIM

Have your rich media content collected, compiled, and published with the proven Gepard PIM solution for eCommerce catalog management. Gepard PIM catalog management software will manage and deliver to your digital showcase the informative product content.

Your product pages will be content-rich and engaging, motivating shoppers to make their decisions. The rich content will be collected from the brands’ and content providers’ sources, filtered, validated, and optimized to the required ratio and size. Gepard PIM system handles them all – video, images, media files, attachments, and more – for you to drive conversion and win on your digital shelf.


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User Management Module

User Management

A flexible and easy-to-adjust PIM setup of your tenant’s user management environment for safe authentication and authorization to the platform user accounts.


The Import Module enables importing data from the required sources to further transform the data bringing it to the unified structure (taxonomy) accepted and required by the target platform.

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A flexible and easy-to-adjust PIM setup of your tenant’s user management environment for safe authentication and authorization to the platform user accounts.


A flexible and easy-to-adjust PIM setup of your tenant’s user management environment for safe authentication and authorization to the platform user accounts.


A flexible and easy-to-adjust PIM setup of your tenant’s user management environment for safe authentication and authorization to the platform user accounts.

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