Export Module

The Export Module is a core for making settings to send transformed and enriched product data files to the endpoints. Its UI is a comprehensive and versatile tool to configure your output files to required formats, types of transport, ways of data export, and file content. The module keeps track of its operations by archiving product data export files and process logging.

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Product content files are automatically converted into the format required by the receiver. Choose between manual, ASAP, and auto modes of exporting product content, with the product data pushed in auto mode with a configurable frequency. To keep track of the operations, the data goes through from its way into the platform to the destination. In the UI a pipeline log is at the user’s disposal for viewing and downloading.

The module menu has been developed as configurable as reasonably may be required, with the user being able to set what types of data to include in the output feed. To have access to a comprehensive record of exported content, there is a feature in the UI to activate archiving of output files. To simplify the export process, the module offers the possibility of sending data split among several files by the most commonly required configurations.

Data Auto & Manual & ASAP Push

Data Push To The New Channels In Gepard PIM

The module is flexible in the way the user can export product content to an endpoint. In addition to exporting data in Manual mode, in the UI the user can set configurations to export data in Auto mode, where the data is pushed with a configurable frequency, at a set time, and starting from a set date. To top it off, in ASAP mode, selected in the UI data, either all updated or all valid and updated data will be pushed right away when ready for exporting.

Export Logging

Exports Logging In Gepard PIM

On its way to the output data, going through the stages of content import, data transformation and product content export, a product can be for some reason excluded from the final data push. Within the data export, a CSV export data flow report is created and attached to the pipeline log. It takes the user to click on the pictogram in the pipeline log to view or download the CSV report. The report will show the complete list of operations the data went through in the process of product content export.

Configurable Data Push Parameters

How To Configure The New Export In Gepard PIM

Built based on the needs of Gepard’s existing customers, the module has been tailored to cover their various requirements as to data push parameters. In the menu, the user can set what data to include in the output feed. The configurable parameters are category, brand, period data added, period data updated, product UID, product MPN, GTIN, and transport type, to name a few.

Product Content Export Files Archiving

How To Archive Files In Gepard PIM

By activating in the UI the feature of archiving output files, the user will have access to a full record of exported files. In the settings for archiving, the user can select the archive format and items for archiving: either all files or by groups.

Data Splitting Among Data Push Files

How To Split Data In Gepard PIM

Should the customer need to receive data not in bulk, but split among several files, the module offers an option of fine-tuning the splitting by values of particular fields and locales, number of entries in each file, by fields that contain an array of values, and by condition of entries selection for each of the files.

Formatting Files To The Required Format

How To Format Files In Gepard PIM

To simplify the process of exporting data, without any involvement of the UI user, product data export files under the hood are built in the format expected by the external system the data is exported to.


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A flexible and easy-to-adjust PIM setup of your tenant’s user management environment for safe authentication and authorization to the platform user accounts.

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