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What Is MediaMarkt?

MediaMarkt is a German omnichannel consumer electronics retailer with 850 stores in 13 countries across Europe. In 2021, MediaMarkt expanded its already existing eCommerce business model by launching its own marketplace as an addition to an online store.

While the marketplace is still a new feature it is promptly gaining popularity with merchants exclusively in the EU. At the moment the marketplace is fully functional in Austria, Germany, and Spain. To sell on the MediaMarkt marketplace merchants have to meet all of the product description requirements and be able to provide logistical services.

MediaMarkt Benefits

  • High customer satisfaction rating;
  • Favorable pricing policy;
  • Easy to navigate interface;
  • Fair return policies;
  • Excellent customer loyalty program;
  • Dynamic retailer tools;
  • Strong client support;
  • Compelling product display options.

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