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What Is Dixons Carphone?

Dixons Carphone is a leading online retailer for electrical and telecommunications products and services. Although the platform is digital-centric, it employs more than 40,000 specialists spread across the world to help your business harness the benefits of a connected world.

Apart from mobiles and telecommunications products, Dixons Carphone is a go-to platform for many consumers seeking expert connectivity services at both small and large scales. For an improved customer experience, Dixons Carphone platform comes with an in-built honeyBee feature to compliment a real transformational digital journey.

Dixons Carphone

  • Enjoy 24/7 sales support from a dedicated team of over 40,000 employees;
  • Automate all your sales processes using the honeyBee feature;
  • Integrate and leverage real-time data insights from a single interface;
  • Explore the advantages of existing Dixon Carphone business partnerships with third parties;
  • 25% increased customer satisfaction with the seamless digital experience;
  • 36% sales conversion rate;
  • See how your store performs in real-time.

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