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Use the Gepard PIM integration to expand your retail sales to the Argos platform and explore the full potential of a self-service digital store.

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What Is Argos?

Argos allows you to integrate your store with all your go-to eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento. You get a real-time multifarious channel that facilitates selling in the modern eCommerce world. With this connection, businesses can directly export products in-bulk from your webshop to the retailer, already adjusted to Argos’ taxonomy rules.

This allows you to reduce time-to-market and decrease manual work as well as the number of errors. What’s more, Argos features a status update system that sends real-time notifications and compliant reports during fulfillment cycles.


  • Automate all orders in a single step to create the best customer experience;
  • Upload your products in bulk to save time and resources;
  • Track and revise inventory changes in real-time;
  • Get timely updates on products, whether live or under review;
  • Live error notifications to resolve issues as they arise;
  • Product listing capabilities for better exposure;
  • Manage orders directly from your end.

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Drive sales in your retail store with better product visibility and hassle-free operations by connecting to the Argos retailer using Gepard PIM integration.

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