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Stimulate sales in your retail shop by harnessing CoolBlue infrastructure using the Gepard solution to connect to the platform.

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What Is CoolBlue?

CoolBlue brings a real customer-centric experience to help businesses drive sales through its online platform and 17 other physical stores as supporting infrastructure. CoolBlue focuses on a customer-centric approach to create a cost-effective operation model and ensure that your customers come back.

With this approach, CoolBlue brings the first independent infrastructure that includes bike and delivery networks, in-store pickup locations, and installation services. The platform is a go-to solution for small businesses dealing with basic home appliances and electronics, such as washing machines and TVs.


  • Integrate your shop for both online and offline sales;
  • Data-driven configurations to understand customer needs better;
  • Delivery and installation services to enhance the customer experience;
  • Create a circular value by recycling or refurbishing your customer’s old appliances;
  • Easy scalability with the support of over 6,000 employees;
  • A dedicated app to give your customers innovative functionalities, such as augmented reality;
  • 24/7, multilingual in-house customer service.

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Give your business a customer-centric approach to drive more sales and imprint brand recognition by connecting to CoolBlue using Gepard PIM.

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