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Accelerate business growth opportunities by automating all of the manufacturer product data uploading into the EPREL energy efficiency database.

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Gepard PIM - EPREL Connection Capabilities

  • Integrate your database with the EPREL system;
  • Register your products in-bulk in the EPREL system;
  • Automate product validation in the EPREL database;
  • Receive notifications when files in the EPREL database are ready for download;
  • Download the new labels and files from EPREL (link to archive or direct download).

What Is EPREL?

The European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL) has been initiated by the EU Regulation body in 2017. The main purpose is to provide EU consumers with important energy efficiency information. Additionally, this allows authorities to effectively perform market surveillance and enforce regulations. For suppliers, EPREL mainly serves as a guideline to accurately list technical documentation and in return gives access to the EU market.

Anyone who needs to register a product at the EPREL first creates an account at the European Commission’s website and then can upload the information into the database. Each new modification to the product needs to be registered separately to meet the compliance criteria.

EPREL Benefits

  • Better-informed customers;
  • Improved brand trust;
  • Structured information;
  • Automated product data delivery;
  • Consumer safety-oriented;
  • Standardized technical documentation;
  • Ensures high manufacturing standards;
  • Grants access to the EU market.

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Automating product data delivery with Gepard PIM & Syndicator solves the challenges of EPREL compliance.

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