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Gepard PIM is a turn-key AI-powered eCommerce platform that automates work with product data. Starting from importing the content in any convenient file extension, automatically adjusting it to the retailers’ requirements, and ending at seamless content delivery to the various points of sales, Gepard helps to decrease time-to-market and reduce manual work.

Our mission is to automate all product data flows in eCommerce and reduce routine work with marketing content enabling companies to focus on strategic tasks.

About Gepard. How Did Everything Start?

Gepard evolved into an independent platform at Bintime software company. With more than 19 years of expertise, the Gepard team of 150 highly experienced developers has been working on product information management solutions for clients around the world.

These days, our primary focus is on a dedicated AI-powered PIM solution that helps brands and retailers standardize product information at a single source of truth and automatically deliver it across sales channels. We keep extending the Gepard PIM core to help our customers continuously grow in the fast-paced digital world. 


First product data management project at Bintime company.


Building expertise in eCommerce product content optimization.


Gepard evolved into a separate product content platform.


Product data mappings & delivery upgrade.


Gepard Template
Builder launch.


Gepard evolved into SaaS with Multi-tenancy.
Sergey Shvets

Meet Sergii Shvets,

Founder & CEO at Gepard

Gepard founder & CEO Sergii Shvets started the development company in 2005. Having been an engineer for quite a long time, it was always a very practical task for him: delivering what a business needs.

Sergii frequently talks with customers about eCommerce challenges with the product data management they want to resolve, and it turned out that 80% of the challenges are either how to receive the data or how to deliver it.

This is why here at Gepard we have built our PIM system according to the clients’ needs and developed a strong product content syndication module. The list of sales channels is being regularly updated and we can always onboard any custom connection in two to three days.

"We deliver what we promise, and we believe solutions have to be adapted to support business operations, and not vice versa."

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An omnichannel product information management helps you to easily share product information to retailers, smoothly connect to new sales channels, effortlessly enrich product data, integrate with current ERP solutions, and automatically comply with the ever-changing requirements of different retail platforms.


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