Optimize User Experience With Retailer-Specific Content

Unify ways to develop retailer-specific content and optimize your content for all of your channels. Help buyers easily discover your products and drive more sales with custom-tailored product information management.

Retailers: A Brand’s Straight To Consumers

Marketplaces and retailers have become powerful eCommerce hubs: they help brands increase sales and grow brand awareness. Gepard PIM software enables you to create engaging product content, automatically adapted to the requirements of each sales channel. Customize your product information effectively and increase your market share through selling on multiple marketplaces.

What Is Retailer-Specific Content

Retailer-specific content is unique product information, adapted to the data model requirements of the particular marketplaces and retailers. A product information management system stores your product data at a central place while offering many options for content optimization and syndication.

Gepard PIM Benefits

Customized Workflows for Each Retailer

Gepard PIM software enables you to set up particular ways of interaction with various retailers in order to minimize manual work and reduce time-to-market.

Automated Data Validation & Exchange (Syndication)

High-level data validation algorithms allow you to send error-free product content to retailers, which reduces time-to-market and decreases employees’ manual work.

All-in-One Solution

With product information management software, your product content is stored at a single centralized place, always accessible for further data normalization & translations.

Simplify Your Sales on Amazon

If you have ever tried to sell on Amazon, you definitely experienced the time-consuming process of working with Seller Central on Amazon and filling Amazon NIS templates.

As Amazon has its own taxonomy, brands’ product feeds do not suit the Amazon-specific data model and template structure. With the wide product line, it takes brands thousands of hours of manual work to adapt their product descriptions to the Amazon data model.

Instead of labor-intensive template editing, leverage the Gepard PIM with a built-in Amazon Seller Central connector. The tool helps to match and transform your data structure according to Amazon’s requirements and pushes the adjusted product data to Amazon. 

The advanced data validation system allows keeping your data updated and notifies the team if there is a need to map new features/attributes when Amazon taxonomy has been changed.

MediaMarkt: Sell on Europe's Number One

The German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics brought the new standard to retail. After 40 years of growth, MediaMarkt now manages over 800 stores and runs a platform for online electronics shopping in 15 countries with hundreds of thousands of products on a digital shelf.

Gepard has already established beneficial cooperation with MediaMarkt and helped the retailer to get rid of manual adaptation of product information from brands. Since Gepard’s team is aware of the MediaMarkt data model (taxonomy), we developed the connection that enables brands to easily deliver automatically transformed product data aligned with the retailer’s taxonomy.

The distribution workflow is flawless and easy for non-technical users: import the product content in the Gepard PIM, enrich the needed attributes, adapt your product data to MediaMarkt requirements with the help of Gepard’s intelligent data mapping algorithms, and effortlessly push the data to MediaMarkt.

Win on the digital shelf by utilizing turn-key eCommerce solutions and nurture your buyers with exceptional customer experience.

Increase Your Market Share With Elkjop

Elkjop is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries. To solve the challenges with time-consuming product data management, the Gepard team has provided Elkjop with a digital solution for data transformation and delivery. 

The Elkjop taxonomy consists of the XSD schema and JSON files for the categories. Thus, we tailored the data output to meet these requirements for data output and data push. As a result, Elkjop receives the product feeds in XML, structured according to their XSD schema.

With the help of our advanced tools in the system (seamless import in any format, taxonomy mapping, and product syndication), we are happy to assist brands in distributing their product data aligned with the Elkjop data model requirements.

Since Gepard has already developed the Elkjop connector, you can reduce your time-to-market, decrease manual work, boost your sales, and engage your customers on one more well-known retail platform.

Gepard: Stand Out With Tailor-Made Content

With Gepard PIM software’s broad functionality and user-friendly interface, you can create retailer-specific content and expand your products to an unlimited number of digital shelves.

Stay omnipresent with the tailored product content – try Gepard Free Personalized Demo now.

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