Manage and deliver product data easily

Gepard PIM software helps to centralize diverse product data and deliver complying content to sales channels

Office Depot

PIM Tool Uniting your Departments

Sales & Ecommerce

Easily send error-free product content to your channels. Spend less time on routine and focus on sales.

Product Information Management

Benefit from complete and standardized content. Focus on improving your content instead of copy-pasting. Automate content validation.


Orchestrate the content workflows efficiently. Engage creatives and third-parties to collaborate at the joint platform.

Gepard Syndicator client from Managing Director at Icecat

Our partnership with Gepard is absolutely beneficial. We have reduced costs on the data export processes and attracted new clients, who experienced data transformation challenges. Gepard data transformation capabilities have added new value to our own solution, helping us to achieve our strategic business goals.

Managing Director at Icecat Emre Tan Altınok
Gepard Syndicator client from Chief Technical Officer at 24TTL

The platform we created in cooperation with Gepard converts the brands' data from the zip archive to a rich HTML page with promotional images. It works as a widget, enabling our clients to see product page statistics from the retailers’ websites, which brands usually cannot access. I was impressed by the unique expertise that the company owes in product data management and optimization. We have learned a lot from this cooperation, and we’re already discussing new projects together.

Chief Technical Officer at 24TTL Vitaly Klimov
Gepard Syndicator client from MDM Governance & Data Quality Manager at Office Depot

Using Gepard Syndicator engine along with Icecat open catalog, we automatically enrich about 60% of our assortment with the required product information. Gepard platform is fully integrated with our internal system. That allows us to reduce product time-to-market, minimize manual product enrichment and improve data quality.

MDM Governance & Data Quality Manager at Office Depot Elena Iskos
Gepard Syndicator client from Project Manager at World's Top Computer Vendor

The project is doing well, the tool is working great and saving us time. What I like the most, it’s very simple to use, with intuitive interface and navigation, and auto-filling of content saves a lot of time for people preparing spreadsheets for the retailers. And the media package takes care of images and PDF files so that we do not need to use an additional tool for that. For me, the project is more than just a tool. It’s the tool plus the service we receive in terms of always keeping auto-filling up-to-date with retailers’ latest template versions.

Project Manager at World's Top Computer Vendor Catherine (NDA)

Why Gepard Syndicator?


Standardized, clean and compliant product information available to all departments.


Data management efficiency increased by dozens of times. Reduce manual work by 90%.


A professional product data management team is at your disposal.


Deliver your product data in a holistic way, combined with the pricing information.


Start working immediately after a single onboarding meeting.


Enjoy working in your native language.

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About Gepard P I M Software

Master your product data and take control of the product content cycle:

• Set up your product information standard
• Unite your organization departments in a standard flow
• Easily collect product information from multiple sources
• Get end-to-end data management service for product information delivery to sales channels

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Gepard PIM system enables smooth integration with any internal solutions (ERP/PIM/DAM/MDM) and Ecommerce platforms. Connections are set up quickly and accurately.

Case Study


Case Study

How GS1 Created the Fashion Base Portal for Dutch Suppliers


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