Track Your Product Content With Digital
Shelf Analytics

Digital shelf audit helps brands effectively track content coverage by supervising content providers, monitoring their enriched product listings on retailers’ websites, and fully control the content completeness and accuracy.

Implement Digital Shelf Analytics

Digital Shelf
Monitoring At Scale

Retail shelf analytics is no more just an eCommerce trend but a new normal for brands that collaborate with a variety of content providers and retailers all over the world. Numerous syndication channels, diverse product data requirements, and local markets’ peculiarities led to the inability to manually track the quality of product data information on dozens and hundreds of sales platforms. Instead of spending valuable time and resources, rely on automation to optimize your digital shelf performance and respond to market demands.

Brands’ Expectations
VS eCommerce Reality:


  • Content providers are staying synchronized with your product database and transferring up-to-date product content to their selling partners across various locales.

  • A growing number of content providers you partner with means better worldwide coverage.

  • Retailers stick to deadlines and publish provided product data at the agreed time.

eCommerce Reality:

  • It is almost impossible to track all content providers' efficiency without digital shelf analytics software, and there is a chance that a retailer is still waiting for the product data from a provider.

  • You need to spend more time on communication issues, worrying whether the latest product data updates reached all your content distribution partners.

  • Products’ time-to-market is very slow and results in lost income, due to a lack of digital shelf audit.

Control Your Content Providers
To Ensure Data Quality & Integrity

Managing multiple content suppliers is a pain for high-loaded businesses. You have to ensure that the content providers use up-to-date product information, are accurate, and cater to the latest demands of your clients all over the world. How to manage and control your content providers’ information to win on the digital shelf?


Gepard takes care of this responsibility by offering you full coverage of your content providers’ monitoring. Get the most from product information suppliers to conquer the data-driven eCommerce world.

  • Optimize your work with content providers

    Content Providers Control

    Get full control of your content service providers, check product data for accuracy and transparency with Gepard instruments, and be sure that your customers will receive the latest information on the products.

  • Use Rich Product Content To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

    Generating Valuable Product Data

    Push your product data to various content providers to help retailers generate the complete product descriptions that drive sales and bring valuable business insights.

  • Improve your time-to-market with Gepard PIM

    Speeding Up The Product Launch

    Reduce your time-to-market and increase market share with the high-quality product data from content suppliers. Decrease the time spent on manual product information checks and fix data errors.

Strengthen Your
eCommerce With Gepard’s
Advanced Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    The dashboard displays the visualized metrics that help you detect shortcomings in your brand’s product content. The metrics are presented on scorecards and are easily accessible by clicking on the required tab.

  • Completeness By Retailer

    Eliminate a tedious manual job of checking your content across your retailers. Get an automated tool to monitor the completeness of your product content over time to help your retailers optimize and bring the content to the perfection you aspire to.

  • Coverage By GEO

    With a click, get a graphic presentation of how your product content is represented globally, by countries, with the colors standing for the percentage ranges of content completeness. See your shortcomings in the availability of your product content in different languages.

  • Average Product Completeness

    Get a general understanding of how complete your brand’s portfolio product content is. The scorecard sums up and visualizes the average product completeness and percentage of how your product content covers the activated locales.

Uncover Sales Potential With Digital Shelf Analytics

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