Solve Business Challenges With Data Syndication

Product data syndication, enabled by Gepard, helps businesses automate manual data entry, keep product information high-quality & updated, and distribute it to various marketplaces.

What Is Data Syndication

Data syndication, or synchronization, is an easy and cost-efficient method to optimize your product data flow. Your product data is regularly adjusted to the required format and constantly pushed to the needed marketplaces with the help of AI data mapping techniques to meet retailers’ requirements.

Data Syndication Benefits

Get Rid Of Manual Work With Content

Automate your routine work with content, easily enrich your product information, and focus on new business strategies.

Meet Your Selling Partners Deadlines

Use automation for syndicated data to update your products on schedule, speed up time-to-market, boost your sales, and outgo competitors.

Easily Share Content To Any Channel

Smoothly distribute your product content across different marketplaces, increase your brand’s awareness, and benefit from staying omni-channel.

How Data Syndication Works



Import your product information in any format (XML feeds, JSON, CSV, XLSX files via API, SFTP, HTTP).,



Map product content from the data sources to your data structure with the help of AI data mapping tools.



Create unique product descriptions and visuals through a simple product information management interface.



Automatically deliver optimized product data to your sales channels without manual efforts.

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AI Data Mapping

We create a framework of changes that will be made to source data before they are loaded to the target database.

One Product Attribute Into Several Attributes

AI data mapping software splits a single brand’s product attribute field  (e.g. tech specs, bullet points, reasons to buy) into a preferred set of data for the particular sales channel.

Several Product Attributes Into One Attribute

Intelligent data mapping helps to merge different product attributes into one comprehensive attribute.

Product Unit Mapping & Transformation

Product elements are mapped and modified according to the required format (e.g. swimsuits sizes 10, 12, 14 are output into sizes S, M, L).

Positive Trends


Integration Partners


Product Data Templates


AI Data Mapping Rules


Monthly Product Updates

Gepard: More Ecommerce Integrations With Less Effort

With Gepard PIM you can enjoy the advantages of syndicated data: automate your product information management, improve your customer experience, and sell more with less effort.

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