Effortlessly Collect Product Content From Suppliers

Easily integrate product content from brands and manufacturers, flawlessly manage and run enrichment. Engage more manufacturers for fewer costs.

How To Collect Product Content Without Using Spreadsheets?

Gepard content collection tools liberate you from using spreadsheets and other outdated methods of data collection. PIM system with built-in mapping algorithms helps you automate the content gathering and relieve you from manual data formatting.

How to collect product content

PIM: Automate Product Content Collection

Where to Get Product Content from Brands with a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

PIM software is a lifesaver for retailers who are curious about how to get website content from clients in high quality and error-free. Gepard helps you get enriched personally optimized product data from content providers and datapools directly to your databases.

Gepard’s Partners

Automated Content Collection Benefits

Reduce Manual Work

Automate data-related tasks with a fully functional content operations platform. Hand over product content collection to the Gepard PIM system, and focus on bringing forward new business ideas.

Speed Up Time-to-Market

Receive the most recent product content updates from brands and manufacturers, and outpace your eCommerce competitors with better time-to-market.

Get Enriched & Quality Content

Use the digital content platform integrated with the top content providers to receive high-grade product data, and benefit from product content that enables more sales.

Worry-Free Localization Issues

With PIM software, product data on your webshop will be tailored to the customer’s location. Expand your business, and never struggle with product content translation and localization.

Gepard: Product Content Under Your Control

With Gepard’s intuitive interface and full functionality, you can skillfully manage product content, engage more brands for cooperation and expand your business.

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