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What Is
The Icecat
Product Content Catalog?

Icecat is positioned as a global product content publisher and syndicator of product data for online and offline channels, supporting eCommerce and optimizing buying experience through an open global product catalog. Since 2001, Icecat has been expanding its partnership with manufacturers & retailers, and now its content catalog covers the product information of more than 24 000 brands in the industries of Computers & Electronics, Health & Beauty, Toys & Accessories, Pet Care, Fashion & Lifestyle, Domestic and Home Appliances, Children Products, Office supplies, Sporting and Entertainment goods. Its rich manufacturer-approved product information is adjusted to international standards and is seamlessly matched with your eCommerce portfolio.

Brands Working With Icecat

Through the years, Icecat established cooperation with tens of thousands channel partners and sponsoring manufacturers. Icecat clients are brands, retailers, distributors, online sellers and marketplaces who are interested in complete product content that can bring value to their business.

Benefits Of Integration With Icecat






Sponsor Brands

What Rich Content Icecat Data Users Can Get

Icecat offers comprehensive product data sheets, standardized for comfortable search, categorizing, filtering, and comparing. An open Icecat data sheet includes:

Brand name

Manufacturer Part Number


Multimedia Content

Multilingual Marketing Information

Detailed Product Specifications

Related & Alternative Products

Logistics Product

Icecat Success Story

Founded in 2001, over the years Icecat developed into the largest open product catalog, providing product information about 19+ million products to more than 85 000 data users around the world. 

The company has been empowering the data-related processes for Lazada, Yandex, AliExpress, Amazon, and many other leaders of the eCommerce market. Over time, the content development became sponsored by 450+ trusted brands.

Icecat’s mission is to support eCommerce through transparent and sustainable product data, accessible by any user and available for any application or media.

Flawless Integration With Icecat

With the help of Gepard PIM, the Icecat product data can easily be transformed and adjusted to any retailer’s webshop structure. Then the syndicated content is distributed to the required endpoints. Gepard syndicator helps you integrate with Icecat to seamlessly manage product content: enrich, update and deliver it to any sales channels in real-time. Gepard covers the need of brands in delivering quality product information to the Icecat catalog: large amounts of optimized content are automatically streamlined to Icecat, which raises brand awareness, makes your products easily discoverable, and drives sales.

Gepard & Icecat: Maximize Your eCommerce Potential

Get full access to high-quality product data of any brand in all world languages. Avoid tedious manual work with product information, significantly reduce data errors, and bring value to your business with top-notch product content.

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