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What Is Lazada?

Lazada launched back in 2012 with support from German-based startup incubator Rocket Internet SE. The eCommerce platform sells products itself and allows third-party merchants to sell on it. Predominantly the company operates in the Southeast Asia region. The platform has an average of 2.4 million visits a month and an impressive 80 million annual active buyers.

For international retailers, Lazada is a great choice if you are looking to expand into the Southeast Asian market. The main advantage is that as a seller on Lazada you have access to their international fulfillment center based in Hong Kong. This enables merchants to simply ship their products in larger quantities to the center. Lazada handles the rest of the logistics as soon as the products are delivered to the warehouse, which includes returns as well. Besides credit card payment, Lazada also offers Cash On Delivery (COD) solutions, a very popular payment method in Asia.

Lazada Benefits

  • Thought-out delivery services;
  • Various payment options;
  • Strong customer support;
  • Returns pickup service;
  • Powerful mobile app;
  • Variety of value-added services;
  • No hidden fees, only commission-based;
  • Access to Lazada’s marketing solutions.

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