Enhance Your Data Exchange With The Help Of CSV Files

Enjoy the benefits of simple structured plain data using CSV data format. Easily manage and organize your CSV-formatted product information and export it to any applications or sales channels.


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Gepard PIM - CSV Connection Possibilities

  • Easily import your CSV files into PIM platform;
  • Handle your product data inside CSV files in no time;
  • Effortlessly upload your product portfolio/catalog in CSV format;
  • Grant your team access to editing product information;
  • Seamlessly edit, manage, and change your CSV file structure;
  • Send CSV data from your existing ecosystem to PIM solution;
  • Distribute your product feeds to sales channels using CSV files;
  • Collect CSV product content from brands, manufacturers and distributors.

What Is CSV?

CSV (short for comma-separated values) file contains data, separated by commas, is saved in a tabular format, and can be opened and used in most spreadsheets programs (Google Spreadsheets, Excel). Most frequently encountered inside spreadsheets and databases, CSV files contain plain texts that can be easily imported into any other storage database, with no regard to the software that you are using.

CSV files are created to facilitate the smooth data export and import into other programs, with a human-readable data format as a result. These files are extensively used in eCommerce, to clear the way for product data to reach large numbers of clients. Consumer information, product content, and order information can be easily saved, organized, imported, and exported within CSV files, and then simply converted into other formats.

CSV Benefits

  • The files have a simple structure and are human-readable;
  • The data can be easily imported or exported into other programs;
  • CSV file format can be easily and accurately compressed;
  • The running costs are not high;
  • Perfect fit for getting data out of one application and into another one;
  • CSV files are smaller in size than the alternatives and faster to handle;
  • The format is widely adopted by other people within an organization;
  • No risk of database infiltrating disorder, as there is no formatting in CSV.

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Set up flawless CSV data import and export with the help of the Gepard platform. Syndicate your product feeds in human-readable CSV format to multiple sales channels and partners.

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