Make The Most Of Your XLS Data Feeds

Optimize your product feed delivery in XLS data format. Seamlessly transform your data format to XLS and distribute it to any endpoints.

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Gepard PIM - XLS Setup Possibilities

  • Uniformly organize your product data sheets in XLS files;
  • Avoid costly-data related errors by verifying your product data feeds;
  • Have your XLS product feeds automatically delivered to any sales endpoints;
  • Easily collect XLS-formatted product data from manufacturers & brands.

What Is XLS?

XLS file extension, created by Microsoft to be used in Microsoft Excel, is a spreadsheet file, also known as BIFF (Binary Interchange File Format). The file is usually composed of one or a couple of worksheets kept and displayed in table format. XLS files are widely used in a business environment where organizing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing data is an important part of working processes.

XLS spreadsheets are a go-to instrument for both enterprises and small businesses that want to easily navigate their data. XLS files give the users countless possibilities to effectively analyze their information. Other than that, XLS is a perfect fit for visualizing information in any business setting, particularly the eCommerce field, where the users can uncover numerous options to store, manage and analyze product data and financial information.


  • Using XLS spreadsheets is free and require minimal technical knowledge;
  • It is uncomplicated to manage and analyze data inside XLS file;
  • It’s easy to integrate XLS file into your business environment;
  • XLS files is the right option if you are managing a lot of financial information;
  • The spreadsheet format allows seamless customization;
  • XLS documents can be easily accessed and edited inside the team;
  • With XLS, you have access to numerous spreadsheet templates;
  • Can be easily integrated with other software, such as PIM solution.

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Smoothly deliver your product information to the endpoints that require XLS data format, with the help of the Gepard platform.

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