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Bound up with a variety of eCommerce solutions and utilize the benefits of being integrated with any platform that you need. Gepard connectors support any-to-any connections configuration and allow you to seamlessly connect to marketplaces, retailers, content providers, or other services in a short time.


Explore the benefits of connecting to Mirakl eCommerce platform and enhance your business by integrating with more sellers.

eCommerce Platforms

JSON Format

Enjoy the benefits of using lightweight and simple JSON format for your product data and share your content across multiple channels.

Data Formats

What Is XLS Data Format?

Easily upload, edit, analyze and distribute your XLS-formatted product data across multiple sales channels.

Data Formats

What Is CSV Format?

Seamlessly import, edit and distribute your simple well-structured CSV product data files across numerous sales channels.

Data Formats

Integrate with Akeneo

Enjoy the benefits of Akeneo by distributing your enriched data to various sales platforms using the Gepard eCommerce integration.

eCommerce Platforms

Set up BMEcat

Digitize your sales processes and freely exchange up-to-date catalog data with internationally recognized BMEcat format.

Industry Standards

Integrate With Richmond Interiors

Keep the product data up-to-date on your webshop using the Richmond Connector and bring your buyers’ satisfaction to a higher level.


Integrate With Mattermost

Integrate your online shop with Mattermost, optimize communications, and improve business processes using Gepard connection.

Business Messengers

Integrate With Telegram

Try the Gepard integration to manage your sales effectively and connect to one of the best communication platforms.

Business Messengers

Integrate With Slack

Integrate the leading business messaging app with various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, scale essential sales communications using Gepard.

Business Messengers

Integrate With Shift4Shop

Seamlessly integrate your Shift4Shop store with a variety of marketplaces and streamline your content delivery across different channels.

eCommerce Platforms

Integrate With Prestashop

Optimize your product content delivery from your PrestaShop store to multiple eCommerce platforms with the help of Gepard PIM.

eCommerce Platforms

Integrate With Zalando Marketplace

Sell on one of the largest European fashion marketplace using Gepard and tap into 560 million visitors to grow your eCommerce business.


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