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Implement personalized eCommerce Search & AI-powered recommendations by integrating with Algolia using the Gepard solution.

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Gepard PIM - Algolia Connection Capabilities

  • Integrate Algolia into your store's ecosystem easily;
  • Push to Aligolia normalized, grouped, and harmonized data for search indexing;
  • Integrate personalized AI powered recommendations for search engine;
  • Create artificial attributes for convenient filtering according to complex rules;
  • Get powerful search analytics for rich insights into user needs and search performance.

What is Algolia?

Algolia is an AI-powered search and exploring platform for dynamic experiences that help eCommerce businesses maximize the speed of search and product discovery. It also solves the pain of relevant search results tuning through AI.

The main goal of the Algolia platform is to deliver dynamic experiences that will enable eCommerce companies to quickly predict a visitor’s intent on their digital property (web, mobile, or other) in real-time, in a session, at the moment.

Algolia Benefits

  • Fast platform implementation;
  • Decreasing of time to market;
  • Security certificates: SSO, SAML, SOC2, SOC3, ISO27001 & HIPPA;
  • Increasing web visitor conversions;
  • Boosting ad and subscription revenue;
  • Detailed and easy-to-understand documentation.

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