Boost Your Business With The Power Of Mirakl Marketplace

Seamlessly deliver your product data to the Mirakl online marketplace platform to connect your customers with more goods and services and scale your business.

* Please note that it is required to have an existing Mirakl Account before partnering.

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Gepard PIM - Mirakl Connection Capabilities

  • Easily upload your products to your Mirakl-powered marketplace;
  • Adjust to operator's product taxonomy;
  • Integrate seller product catalogs into Mirakl;
  • Ensure accurate top-quality product content for your buyers;
  • Get your product information easily verified and updated;
  • Support industry-specific data formats like BMEcat or FABdis;
  • Automated product information updating and verification.

What Is Mirakl?

Mirakl is one of the top cloud-based marketplace platforms, helping to connect leading third-party sellers across different industries. Mirakl helps businesses to launch and grow their B2B or B2C marketplace that brings digital transformation to their stores, increases the efficiency of transactions data, and business operations, and improves customer experience.

Mirakl marketplace can be used in various industries, such as Retail, Fashion, Grocery, Health & Beauty, etc. Companies that discovered the power of the Mirakl marketplace model have provided clients with better prices, and a wider choice of goods and services without having to hold inventory or manage logistics.

Read a Full Technical Guide On Setting Up The Mirakl – Gepard PIM Connector

Mirakl Platform Benefits

  • Fully configurable platform;
  • Support of experts with deep domain expertise;
  • Flexible APIs connections;
  • Adhering to the market’s security protocols;
  • Growth opportunities for both B2B and B2C;
  • Owning your customer journey from the start to the end;
  • Smooth extending the selection of products through third-party sellers;
  • 100+ KPIs to monitor the performance of suppliers.

Unlock The Power Of Gepard PIM - Mirakl Integration

Smoothly deliver and manage top-quality product data to your customers by setting up an integration with the Mirakl marketplace platform using the Gepard connector.

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