How To Build A Successful Omnichannel Strategy
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Building A Successful Omnichannel Strategy

Learn how omnichannel product information management can boost your business, increase sales and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Checklist For Product Content Syndication Software
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Checklist For Retailers’ Product Content Syndication Solution

What is product content syndication? How to choose the right syndication software that automates your content routine?

2 min read
CEO Notes

Remote Work Is Not Allowed Working From An Office. The Comma Challenge

My insights on working from home as a CEO of an IT company.

Roadmap For PIM Implementation
3 min read
Product Information Management

Implementing Product Information Management System: Roadmap To PIM

The detailed roadmap to implementing product information management system. Learn how to set up a PIM from Gepard’s step-by-step guide.

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