Gepard Launched A Tradeplace Connector
2 min read
Gepard Updates

Gepard PIM: The Launch Of A Tradeplace Connector

Now retailers can fastly integrate with Tradeplace, receive verified and high-quality product information, adjusted to their data standards and taxonomy.

How To Integrate With Shopify
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Shopify Connector: Seamless eCommerce Integrations For Your Business

Read about Shopify connector, how it works, and how this automation tool can benefit your business.

Gepard And Luminus Cooperation
2 min read
Gepard Updates

Luminus Chooses Gepard To Enable Data Delivery To EPREL Database

Gepard shall support data exchange to EPREL for the seamless automation of product data flows for Luminus.

Gepard Integration With Shopify
2 min read
Gepard Updates

Gepard PIM Developed A Shopify Connector

Now Shopify store owners can automatically push product data to their webshops.

How Gepard PIM Launched Eprel Connector
2 min read
Gepard Updates

Gepard PIM Has Launched An Eprel Connector

Now energy label manufacturers can automatically register their appliances in the European product database for energy labelling (EPREL).

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