Comparison Of Toys Retailers Taxonomy
5 min read
Retail Best Practices

Retailers’ Taxonomy Comparison: Toys Market

Let’s review the differences between the world’s top retailers’ taxonomies on the Toys vertical example.

Expert Tips On Black Friday
6 min read
Retail Best Practices

Black Friday 2020: Expert Tips To Rock Your Sales

The coming Black Friday will never be the same, so let's discover Top-5 Mistakes you should avoid this year and Gepard tips to run this sale efficiently.

How To Deliver Fashion Product Content To Sales Platforms
3 min read
Product Information Management

How To Deliver Product Content In Fashion eCommerce

Fashion trends 2020 bring a need for fashion brands to set an efficient product content delivery and transformation. What are the ways?

How To Create A Successful Amazon SEO Strategy
9 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Amazon SEO Strategy That Boosts The Rankings Fast

How sellers boost the visibility of products by nailing SEO on Amazon? The best Amazon product SEO techniques and tricks (including Buy Box and Amazon Choice).

Home Improvement DIY Retail
7 min read
Retail Best Practices

Home Improvement Retail Industry. eCommerce Guide For Brands

Home improvement eCommerce: upgrade your marketing strategy and use this advice to efficiently sell goods within the top home improvement retailers.


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How To Manage Amazon Feeds With AFS
3 min read
Retail Best Practices

AFS Amazon Program For Mastering Your Amazon Data Feeds

Learn what is AFS amazon program, how it helps managing product feeds, and how you can benefit on Amazon with data automation.

Retail Industry Evolution
9 min read
Insights / Trends

History Of Retail Industry: Going In Hand With Technology Development

In this post, let’s take a walk on the past of retail industry, analyze the trends we see today, and try to make guesses about the future.

Black Friday Sales Results
7 min read
Retail Best Practices

Results Of Black Friday Problems: Crashes & Sales

Results of Black Friday 2019: sales statistics and issues. Get ready for Black Friday 2020 and avoid website crashes on the most important day in eCommerce.

Best Practices Of Product Images For eCommerce Websites
4 min read
Retail Best Practices

Product Images: Best Practices 2021

Learn the best practices of using product images and where to find eye-catching eCommerce images.

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