Product Feed Optimization Trends
7 min read
by Sofia Kondrat
eCommerce Strategy

Product Feed Optimization Trends: Driving Revenue and Sales

Here are some 2023 industry trends on how you can optimize your product feed for increased revenue and sales.

data feeds product feed
How To Manage Amazon Feeds With AFS
3 min read
by Margo Sakova
Retail Best Practices

AFS Amazon Program For Mastering Your Amazon Data Feeds

Learn what is AFS amazon program, how it helps managing product feeds, and how you can benefit on Amazon with data automation.

AFS Amazon data feeds
How To Manage Amazon Feeds
5 min read
by Alexandra Gladchenko
eCommerce Strategy

How To Get Started With Amazon Product Feeds

Amazon feed management and optimization. Amazon product feed example. How to automate the dataflows with Amazon Feed Specifications Program (AFS).

AFS Amazon Amazon data feeds

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