Re-Commerce and Brand Sustainability
5 min read
by Sergii Shvets
Insights / Trends

Why Re-Commerce Is The Answer to Future of Brand Sustainability

Discover how recommerce can transform your brand by reducing waste, increasing profits, and meeting the demand for eco-friendly products.

eCommerce eCommerce trends sustainable eCommerce
Why Product Video Syndication is Your Next Big Win
5 min read
by Anna Mrynska
Product Data Syndication

Why Product Video Syndication is Your Next Big Win

Discover the transformative impact of a product video syndication platform on your eCommerce business and product data management.

eCommerce product content syndication product information management
Gepard Features Hub: Digital Shelf Analytics For eCommerce
5 min read
by Anna Mrynska
Product Information Management

4 Key Performance Indicators in Digital Shelf Analytics Software

Explore essential digital shelf analytics KPIs such as search rankings, conversion rates, content quality, and pricing competitiveness.

digital shelf analytics eCommerce eCommerce Strategy product information management
3 min read
by Yevheniia Kurchavova

Sergii Shvets Interview: Gepard’s Integration Journey With Shopify to Drive eCommerce

Explore key perspectives on the role of PIM solution in empowering businesses to navigate the evolving eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce PIM software Shopify Connector


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How To Optimize Product Data For B2B Marketplaces
4 min read
by Liubov Pesotska
eCommerce Strategy

How To Optimize Product Data For B2B Marketplaces [13-Steps Guide]

In this article, we'll take a look at the 13 steps for optimizing product data for B2B marketplaces, enhancing UX & boosting conversions.

B2B B2B eCommerce eCommerce eCommerce Strategy marketplaces product data
5 min read
by Anna Mrynska
Gepard Updates

PIM Tool For Content Collection Automation: Revolutionizing eCommerce

How can the PIM tool help retailers automatically gather eCommerce product content from data suppliers? Find out more in Gepard Features Hub.

eCommerce Gepard Gepard Updates PIM PIM software
Product Content Management
< 1 min read

PIM Success Blueprint: Navigating To Your Ideal PIM Solution

Discover the essential keys to choosing the ultimate PIM solution tailored to your business needs and uncover a unique, in-depth analysis of the PIM market by TGOA.

eCommerce eCommerce Strategy PIM guide PIM software product content product information management
How To Reduce eCommerce Returns WIth Rich Product Content
5 min read
by Cyril Dorogan
eCommerce Strategy

The Role Of Rich Product Content In eCommerce Return Management

High return rates have plagued the eCommerce sector. How can help product rich content management to deal with this challenge?

eCommerce eCommerce Strategy eCommerce trends PIM PIM software product content product images

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