How To Reduce eCommerce Returns WIth Rich Product Content
5 min read
by Cyril Dorogan
eCommerce Strategy

The Role Of Rich Product Content In eCommerce Return Management

High return rates have plagued the eCommerce sector. How can help product rich content management to deal with this challenge?

eCommerce eCommerce Strategy eCommerce trends PIM PIM software product content product images
Why Is Rich Content Important?
10 min read
by Yuliia Honcharova
Product Information Management

Amazon A+ Content: An Ultimate Guide For Brands To Creating Content That Tells A Story

Find out why Amazon A+ content is becoming an increasingly important element of building an eCommerce brand that wants to stay ahead.

product content product images rich content
Visual Content For Retailers
10 min read
by Alina Virstiuk
eCommerce Strategy

Importance of Visual Content: Ultimate Guide for Retailers

Discover the types of visual content online retailers should use and learn how Gepard can enrich their product information.

eCommerce product content product content tools product images
Best Practices Of Product Images For eCommerce Websites
5 min read
by Alexandra Gladchenko
Retail Best Practices

How to Get Product Images for eCommerce Website?

Read about the importance of visual content for retailers & brands. Learn how to get product images for ecommerce website?

product content product images

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