What Are The Challenges of Product Taxonomy?
2 min read
by Martijn J. Hoogeveen
Expert Opinion

Product Taxonomy Challenges & Mapping Solutions

Read expert opinion on the main product taxonomy challenges for eCommerce businesses and the ways to solve them.

product taxonomy taxonomy
What Is Product Taxonomy In eCommerce
6 min read
by Alina Virstiuk
Product Information Management

What Is Product Taxonomy

Find out what is product taxonomy, learn about its best practices and why it’s important for eCommerce business.

product taxonomy taxonomy
Comparison Of Toys Retailers Taxonomy
5 min read
by Maryna Postrelko
Retail Best Practices

Retailers’ Taxonomy Comparison: Toys Market

Let’s review the differences between the world’s top retailers’ taxonomies on the Toys vertical example.

product taxonomy taxonomy
How To Develop Product Taxonomy
7 min read
by Maryna Postrelko
Product Data Syndication

Product Taxonomy Definition And 7 Steps To Develop It In An Understandable Way

Find out why product taxonomy is important for eCommerce, how to cope with challenges along the way and how to develop a product hierarchy that brings more sales.

product taxonomy taxonomy

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