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What Is BMEcat?

BMEcat is an XML-based international standard for transferring and exchanging electronic product data catalogs. Maintained by BME (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik), the German corporation for materials management, purchasing, and logistics, BMEcat is compatible with ECLASS standard and became widespread around Europe, particularly in German-speaking countries.

This open standard targets both manufacturers and service providers, with a special focus on companies with multiple suppliers, eCommerce players doing a lot of product catalog exchange, and the producers of high specification materials and products. Using XML as the basis, BMEcat allows seamless and free data exchange, not dependent on a special system, platform, or manufacturer.

BMEcat Benefits

  • Standardization of product catalog exchange;
  • Fast product data entry and processing;
  • Minimum product data errors;
  • Faster product content publishing;
  • Easy compliance with new regulations;
  • Constantly updated information;
  • Can be combined with classifications such as ETIM, ECLASS or UNSPSC;
  • Written in XML that does not depend on any special system or platform.

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