What Is PIM Now? Everything You Need To Know


PIM is no longer just about Product Information Management. It is also about Product Intelligence Management, Product Improvement Management, and Product Insights Management. Modern PIM provides a user-friendly environment to manage product information, create product descriptions, analyze product content performance, optimize and distribute it to the sales channels automatically. Learn the benefits and key features of PIM for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Understand whether your company really needs a PIM or not. Get the roadmap on how to implement PIM in your business.

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Who Can Use PIM?

Marketing managers, eCommerce specialists, content managers, purchasers, brand and category managers, and other product data experts can manage product information inside the PIM.
What Is PIM Now

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  • What is PIM nowadays?
  • Must-have features of modern PIM;
  • Product Content Syndication as a Key Feature of a PIM;
  • Why do brands need PIM?
  • What are the benefits of PIM for retailers?
  • Why do wholesalers need PIM now?
  • Business benefits of PIM;
  • Understand whether you need a PIM;
  • How to convince your boss to invest in PIM;
  • Roadmap on how to implement PIM;
  • About Gepard.
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