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Partnerships Manager

Account and Partnerships manager with extensive experience in sales, business development, and communication. Working with Gepard, the product information management & syndication platform, helping to centralize diverse product data and deliver complying content to sales channels.

Articles By This Author

How To Reduce Customer Churn?
7 min read
by Sasha Polishchak
eCommerce Strategy

How To Reduce Customer Churn And Improve Customer Retention Rate

How do you prevent customer churn and retain more consumers? Learn more about the churn metric and ways of keeping more people in your client base.

customer churn customer retention eCommerce eCommerce Strategy
What Is Headless eCommerce?
10 min read
by Sasha Polishchak
eCommerce Strategy

Headless eCommerce: Flexible Opportunities For Your Digital Business

What is headless commerce and how exactly does it contribute to the traditional eCommerce development philosophy? Find out all the ins and outs in the article.

eCommerce eCommerce Strategy headless eCommerce
What Are Top eCommerce Challenges
12 min read
by Sasha Polishchak
eCommerce Strategy

Top 8 eCommerce Challenges & How To Overcome Them

Find out how top eCommerce challenges can be solved by keeping up to date with the best software solutions 2022 has to offer.

eCommerce challenges eCommerce trends PIM product data
Mistakes In Starting A B2B eCommerce Platform
8 min read
by Sasha Polishchak
eCommerce Strategy

Starting A B2B ECommerce Platform: TOP 4 Mistakes

Avoiding deep research, no connections, and more. Read our new article and learn how to avoid four main mistakes in starting B2B eCommerce platform.

B2B eCommerce eCommerce eCommerce Strategy

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