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Product Content Syndication

What Is Product Content Syndication?

PCS is the distribution of product information across the eCommerce ecosystem while staying compliant with their distinctive requirements. The automated process takes the omnichannel approach, allowing businesses to spread the adjusted version of their product content according to diversified business platforms’ requirements.

How Product Content Syndication Works In eCommerce

It allows a company to collect all vital data on their product and adjust it to suit the demands of the individual e-business channels before distributing it.

Who Needs Syndicating Their Product Content

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across all industries can benefit from content syndication services.


Frequently Asked Questions About Product Content Syndication

What I need to start product content syndication

You need software to publish your product content. However, considering that there is rarely exclusive content syndication software in the market, you will need a PIM solution that offers PCS as one of its features.

What is product content syndication example?

Product content syndication comes into play when, for instance, Black Opal gathers all information about their cosmetic products from their website and transfers them to Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, and Amazon. Instead of manually writing product data, they will publish the product information available on their site, availing them on these new channels.

Why is product content syndication important?

It’s vital because it:

  • Provides tailored high-quality content across various eCommerce channels.
  • Promotes product visibility which minimizes errors and redundancy through the automated distribution of product data.
  • Accelerates time-to-market.

Where should I syndicate my product content?

You can leverage the help of content syndication networks to syndicate your products to e-business platforms and marketplaces such as Alibaba and eBay.

Who could help me with syndicating product content?

Special software can help you navigate the complex processes involved with the distribution of product data across all your business touchpoints. A partner may come with deep knowledge of content syndication platforms and have the needed software and tools to ensure flawless integration.

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